OMX Helsinki_PI

10,019.23 66.25 0.67%

Key Stats

Previous Close 10,019.23 Today’s High 10,022.24 Today’s Low 9,922.35


OMX Helsinki_PI

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Index Description

The OMX Helsinki All-Share Index includes all the shares listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. The aim of the index is to reflect the current status and changes in the market. OMX Helsinki Cap index is (OMXHCAP) weight capped version of All-Share Index where the maximum weight of one share is limited to 10% of total market value of the index. OMXH and OMXHCAP indexes are available both as PI and GI. The base date for the OMX Helsinki All-Share and OMX Helsinki Cap Index is December 28, 1990 with a base value of 1000.

Summary Details

Last 10,019.23
Net Change 66.25
Net Change(%) 0.67%
Day High 10,022.24
Day Low 9,922.35
Previous Close 10,019.23
Base Value 1,000.00
Divisor 25,614,615