OMRX Total Bond Index

6,461.29 13.94 0.22%

Key Stats

Previous Close 6,461.29 Today’s High 6,461.29 Today’s Low 6,447.36


OMRX Total Bond Index

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Index Description

OMRX is the designation for the OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm's interest-rate indexes, a family of indexes all designed to show the value growth trend for a certain type of passively managed portfolio of liquid interest-bearing Swedish securities. The historical database contains data as of January 2, 1990 for the indexes in the OMRX family. The composition of the indexes is based on the National Debt Office's official statistics on volumes issued, with the exception of OMRX-MORT, which is based on statistics from the Stadshypotek.

Summary Details

Last 6,461.29
Net Change 13.94
Net Change(%) 0.22%
Day High 6,461.29
Day Low 6,447.36
Previous Close 6,461.29
Base Value 1,000.00

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Index Fund

Name Symbol Sponsor
Ohman Obligtiosfund OBLIGAT E, Ohman J:or Fonder AB
Nordnet rantefond sverige NORANSV E, Ohman J:or Fonder AB