Nasdaq-100 ESG Index

862.52 12.82 1.49%

Key Stats

Previous Close 862.52 Today’s High 868.64 Today’s Low 845.32


Nasdaq-100 ESG Index

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Index Description

The Nasdaq-100 ESG Index is designed to measure the performance of the companies in the Nasdaq-100 Index that meet specific ESG criteria. Companies are evaluated and weighted on the basis of their business activities, controversies and ESG Risk Ratings.

The Index began on June 21, 2021 at a base value of 1000.00.

Summary Details

Last 862.52
Net Change 12.82
Net Change(%) 1.49%
Day High 868.64
Day Low 845.32
Previous Close 862.52
Base Value 1,000.00
Divisor 1,117,018,053

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