Nasdaq Bank

3,427.21 -40.15 -1.16%

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Previous Close 3,427.21 Today’s High 3,455.58 Today’s Low 3,425.87


Nasdaq Bank

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Index Description

The NASDAQ Bank Index contains securities of NASDAQ-listed companies classified according to the Industry Classification Benchmark as Banks. They include banks providing a broad range of financial services, including retail banking, loans and money transmissions.

On February 5, 1971, the NASDAQ Bank Index began with a base of 100.00.

Summary Details

Last 3,427.21
Net Change -40.15
Net Change(%) -1.16%
Day High 3,455.58
Day Low 3,425.87
Previous Close 3,427.21
Base Value 100.00
Divisor 86,789,679