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NASDAQ OMX Outlines Google Corporate Action Index Changes Updated: 3/11/2014

On January 30th, Google, Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced that its Board of Directors approved the distribution of Class C shares as a dividend to stockholders. The Google Board of Directors has approved a distribution of shares of the Class C capital stock as a dividend to stockholders with a dividend record date of March 27, 2014 and a dividend payment date of April 2, 2014. As a result of this complex corporate action, this change will impact NASDAQ OMX® Indexes that include Google Class A Shares including NASDAQ OMX Global Index Data Service (GIDS 2.0), NASDAQ Global Index Watch (GIW), and all markets.  Upon distribution, the Google Class C shares will be added to all NASDAQ OMX Indexes that contain Google Class A shares including, but not limited to, the NASDAQ-100 Index®, the NASDAQ Internet Index® and the NASDAQ OMX Global Index Family, effective prior to market open on the April 3, 2014, the ex-date of the distribution. Both classes of shares will remain temporarily in the Indexes until the next quarterly rebalancing on June 23rd, when the Class A shares will be removed from the Indexes.

Please visit the Global Index Watch website for a complete list of affected indexes and refer to the Frequently Asked Questions document for more details.

Where can I find additional information?

·         For questions about NASDAQ OMX index products, please contact NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes at +1 301 978 8284.

·         Refer to the NASDAQ OMX press release.

·         Refer to the FAQ document.

NASDAQ OMX Will Modify the Maintenance Window for GIDS 2.0 Updated: 2/28/2014

Earlier this year, NASDAQ OMX extended the hours of operation for the Global Index Data Service (GIDS) data feed to support the dissemination of ticks during the Asia/Pacific market hours. Currently, GIDS observes a maintenance window from 23:35, Eastern Time (ET) to 00:05, EST. During this time data is not disseminated.

Effective Sunday, March 9, 2014, the new GIDS maintenance window will occur from 18:40, ET to 19:10, ET. Please Note: There are no message format changes to the GIDS data feed.

Please refer to the Data Technical News Alert sent earlier this year for full details.

For questions regarding the GIDS data feed, please contact NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes at +1 301 978 8284.

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