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Web Seminar Replay: Optimizing Behavioral Economics using Defined Outcome Investing Updated: 6/24/2015


Ever wonder what factors influence investment decisions? Expected returns play an obvious role, but not necessarily the most important one — behavioral factors also heavily influence investor decisions. Learn more about behavioral economics, including what drives it, how it influences portfolio construction, and how using defined outcome solutions can meet both return and behavioral needs better than traditional investment solutions.

Join Nasdaq Research; Joe Halpern, CEO, Exceed Investments; Dr. Menachem Brenner, finance professor at the Lenoard N. Stern School of Business at New York University and an international expert in derivative markets for a 60-minute web seminar where attendees will learn:

  • The behavioral responses to potential loss, risk, and ambiguity
  • How both human psychology and economic utility theory drive behavioral finance
  • How behavioral finance influences investment decisions
  • What are defined outcome investments
  • How defined outcome investments effectively balance investor returns and behavioral needs

Web Seminar Replay: Understanding the Dorsey Wright Indexes Methodology Updated: 6/23/2015

Dorsey, Wright & Associates, LLC, a Nasdaq Company, has been a financial industry leader in technical analysis and relative strength strategies for over 25 years. Join John Lewis, CMT, Senior Portfolio Manager, Dorsey Wright, and Dave Gedeon, Vice President, Nasdaq Global Indexes, for an in-depth look at the methodology behind some of the most well-known smart beta indexes in the world, which serve as the basis of ETFs with more than $8.2 billion in AUM.

This 30-minute seminar will provide an overview of Dorsey Wright’s relative strength strategies and a detailed look at the newly published methodology* of the following indexes:
  • Dorsey Wright Technical Leaders Index (DWTL)
  • Dorsey Wright Focus Five Index (DWANQFF)
  • Dorsey Wright International Focus Five Total Return (DWANQIFF)
  • DWA International Developed Markets Technical Leaders Index (DWADM) 
  • DWA International Emerging Markets Technical Leaders Index (DWAEM)
  • DWA Technical Leaders Small Cap Index (DWTLSC)
Thursday, June 18th
1:00 – 1:30 pm, ET

Web Seminar Replay: Global Relative Strength Strategies Updated: 5/20/2015


If the stock market continues to outperform, will your portfolios take advantage of that trend? If the market weakens relative to other asset classes, will your portfolios adapt? With portfolios tilted heavily toward domestic equities, after six consecutive years of positive returns, perhaps it is time to consider the merits of adaptive strategies with a multi-asset global perspective.

Join Dorsey Wright and Arrow Funds for a webinar featuring Andy Hyer, DWA Client Portfolio Manager and Jake Griffith, President of Arrow Investment Advisors, LLC, as they discuss the current market environment from a global relative strength perspective. The discussion included:

  • The DWA systematic approach for global tactical asset allocation
  • An update on the Arrow DWA Balanced Fund and Arrow DWA Tactical Fund
  • An update on the enhancements to DWA’s Sector Rotation strategy

H20 Investing: Combining the Best Elements Within Smart Beta By: Dave Gedeon
on 5/12/2015

Smart Beta investment strategies have seen a 24% compounded annual growth rate since 2010*. With investors clamoring for better performance, lower risk investments, ways to mitigate volatility, all while demanding reduced fees, how do you determine which strategies are right for your investments? The answer lies in selecting rules-based, transparent approaches that combine different smart beta factors.

In our latest web seminar, hosted by, Dave Gedeon of Nasdaq and Jay Gregnani of Dorsey, Wright & Associates, which was acquired by Nasdaq earlier this year, join together to discuss “H20 Investing: Combining the Best Elements Within Smart Beta.” Both hydrogen and oxygen are famously combustible in many scenarios, but when combined appropriately, they create the most important compound for sustaining life as we know it. Gregnani will explain how combining some of the powerful return factors now available within the ETF space become even more useful when combined with the right complementary elements in the ETF world.

Click here to watch and/or download the webinar.

White Paper: Stock Buybacks Updated: 10/22/2014

Over the past five years, the stock market has experienced a strong and consistent recovery. Major indexes are near record levels. After such a long, sustained bull market, one might ask, “Who are the buyers driving this market?” The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is that listed companies themselves are among the biggest buyers of stock.. To be precise, companies are buying back their OWN stock via stock buyback (or share repurchase) programs. This trend has companies buying more of their stock than individuals, hedge funds, and investment institutions.

Download the white paper on Stock Buybacks with the form below:

Web Seminar: Finding Yield in a Rising Interest Rate Environment - 1 CE Credit Updated: 10/15/2014

Against a backdrop of low interest rates, investors may be finding it difficult to maintain the level of income they need from their investment portfolios. Join Nasdaq Global Indexes as we host Recon Capital and Highland Capital Management to present ways that investors can position themselves in a rising interest rate environment. The firms will present alternatives for income-oriented investors that include short-duration strategies.

Host: David Krein, Nasdaq Global Indexes Head of Research
Speakers: Kevin Kelly, Chief Investment Officer of Recon Capital Partners and Ethan K. Powell, CPA, CFA - Chief Product Strategist at Highland Capital Management

Listeners will walk away with a better understanding of:

  • Alternatives to traditional fixed income that can produce high income potential in all markets
  • Strategies and products that have low correlation to other asset classes
  • How to manage duration in a rising interest rate environment ETFs that provide access to alternative income strategies

As a participant in the CFA Institute Approved-Provider Program, Nasdaq has determined that this program qualifies for 1 credit hour. If you are a CFA Institute member, CE credit for your participation in this program will be automatically recorded in your CE tracking tool.

This web seminar aired on Tuesday, October 28th
10:00 – 11:00 a.m., ET
Watch the Replay Now

Web Seminar Replay: Building Better Bond Ladders Updated: 10/6/2014

Join David Krein, Head of Research, Nasdaq Global Indexes; Matt Patterson, Managing Director, LadderRite Portfolios LLC; and Joe Becker, Senior Fixed Income Product Strategist, Invesco PowerShares, for a complimentary 60-minute web seminar to discuss bond ladders. Bond laddering is increasing in popularity because of the benefits it offers investors. Learn how to simplify the challenges associated with them, receive an overview of the Nasdaq LadderRite Corporate Bond Indexes, and ask questions.

Watch the Replay

NASDAQ Composite: How Today's 4000 is Different from 1999 Updated: 4/2/2014

To watch a replay of our NASDAQ Composite Web Seminar: A 14-Year Retrospective, please click here.

In the final days of 1999, the NASDAQ Composite (COMP) index reached the 4000 milestone for the first time since its creation in 1971. What, in retrospect, became known as the "tech" or "dot-com" mania was well underway. By early March 2000, the composite would reach an all-time peak of 5049, after which it began its precipitous decline. Now, some 14 years later, the NASDAQ Composite has climbed above the 4000 mark again. But in the intervening years, the index composition and valuation have experienced dramatic changes in many large and subtle ways.

Read more about the changes in the NASDAQ Composite components, valuations and weightings since the burst of the tech bubble 14 years ago. Submit the form below to receive your complimentary copy of the NASDAQ Composite Whitepaper now:

NASDAQ  OMX Joins BOOST ETP and IMC for ETPs Seminar By: Rob Hughes
on 4/30/2013

Dave Gedeon, NASDAQ OMX’s Head of Research, will present “Commodities and Equities — The Changing Relationship” at the BOOST ETP/APCIMS CPD Manchester Regional Seminar, on Wednesday, May 1, 2013, at the Brewin Dolphin offices. This free event, which is CPD certified, will be the first of several Boost ETP regional seminars.

The seminar focuses on the current climate of the ETF market and provides insight into what industry specialists think the sector holds for investors.  In addition to Gedeon, Rick van Leeuwen, ETF Sales Trading at IMC will present on “ETFs – What to Look Out For” and Hector McNeil, Co–CEO at Boost ETP, will present on “ETFs & ETPs – The Next Generation.”

The free Boost ETP CPD-certified Regional Seminar will also be held in Jersey on May 16, 2013; Birmingham on May 23, 2013; Leeds TBC; and Edinburgh TBC. Visit for more information.

Boost ETP has a dozen products based off of NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes. 

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