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GemShares and NASDAQ OMX Partner To Create GemShares GIGS Diamond Basket Index Updated: 9/12/2013

GemShares, LLC, a pioneer in the delivery of physically-backed diamond investment products to regulated exchanges around the globe, and The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. today announced an agreement to develop the GemShares Global Investment Grade Standard (GIGS) Diamond Basket Index. This transparent, rules-based index will provide a standardized pricing mechanism for valuing a diamond basket that could be used for the development of financial products.

The NASDAQ OMX Group and GemShares will develop the GemShares GIGS Diamond Basket Index to track the prices of diamonds that have met the patented standards for investment-grade certification developed by GemShares. Through this index, diamonds that have met the GIGS gemological, proportional, optical and light-behavior guidelines can be securitized for the creation of financial products to be listed and traded on regulated exchanges globally.

"The establishment of the GemShares GIGS Diamond Basket Index will lead to the securitization of diamonds by bringing a new and enhanced level of confidence through the addition of transparency and liquidity to the process of pricing these assets for investment purposes," said Dan Gramza, GemShares Partner. "This partnership is the first step toward creating a significant bridge between the financial and diamond industries that brings the benefits of investing in diamonds to investors around the globe. By opening new channels of distribution, GemShares will enable the diamond industry to reach a broader range of customers and increase revenue."

GemShares was founded in 2007 with the goal of creating a fungible global investment standard for diamonds and gemstones. GemShares was awarded a patent for the GIGS pricing mechanism in August 2012.

"NASDAQ OMX's collaboration with GemShares represents two innovators who are committed to enhancing transparency and providing investment solutions to investors," said John L. Jacobs, Executive Vice President of Global Information Services for NASDAQ OMX. "The introduction of the GIGS™ Diamond Basket Index is another indication we continuously strive to meet demand for a wide variety of investment opportunities through the design of relevant, objective indexes."

The Demand for Leveraged ETFs Continues to Multiply By: Rob Hughes
on 7/25/2013

By David Fabian, NASDAQ OMX Guest Contributor

Leveraged ETFs are some of the most widely respected and feared investment vehicles to come to market in the last 10 years. They are lauded by hedge funds, professional investors, and day traders as excellent tools to access a specific index and quickly magnify your returns. However, they have also been derided by traditional Wall Street brokers and media outlets as a dangerous weapon in the hands of unsuspecting investors. Whichever side of the argument for leveraged ETFs that you come down on, you can’t deny the continued demand and success of these sophisticated investment vehicles.

Read the entire article.

Europe’s First Palladium ETP Updated: 7/11/2013

BOOST ETP has launched nine new leveraged and inverse ETPs in the United Kingdom that are based on indexes in the NASDAQ Commodity Index Family. These are the second set of BOOST ETP products linked to this family, bringing the total number of BOOST NASDAQ Commodity Index linked products to 25.

Product                           LSE Code           Leverage Factor 
Boost Palladium 1x Short Daily ETP 1PAS -1x
Boost Palladium 2x Leverage Daily ETP 2PAL +2x
Boost Gold 2x Short Daily ETP                 2GOS -2x
Boost Gold 1x Short Daily ETP                 1GOS -1x
Boost Gold 2x Leverage Daily ETP         2GOL +2x
Boost Silver 2x Short Daily ETP         2SIS -2x
Boost Silver 2x Leverage Daily ETP 2SIL +2x
Boost Natural Gas 2x Short Daily ETP 2NGS -2x
Boost Natural Gas 2x Leverage Daily ETP 2NGL +2x
“The introduction of these commodity ETPs reaffirms the success of our index construction and our rules-based, objective and transparent index methodology,” said John Jacobs, NASDAQ OMX EVP and Head of Global Information Services. “BOOST ETP has again succeeded in leveraging our indexes to quickly and efficiently develop innovative products for a wide range of investors.”

Global assets under management for short and leveraged ETPs increased 12% to $49.3 billion this year through May 31, 2013, according to BOOST ETP.

Read our press release, BOOST ETP’s education resources, or visit our Commodity Indexes page for more information.

NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes for Pension Consultants Updated: 6/14/2013

Are you a pension consultant looking for a viable alternative to the expensive, well-known industry benchmarks? What if you could provide a new way of saving your clients money without sacrificing reliability and accuracy? We’ve been talking to managers and custodians across the globe and the sentiment is the same — show us some lower cost alternatives that we can trust and help bring fee transparency to investors.

We have done just that. We’ve used our world-renown INET technology to make our reliable, objective and transparent indexes more affordable. Check out our NASDAQ Global Index Family, NASDAQ Dividend and Income Family and the NASDAQ Commodity Index Family and see how they compare to industry incumbents.

Click here for more information specifically for Pension Consultants and learn how NASDAQ OMX is yet again using cutting-edge technology to offer high-quality, lower-cost solutions that are reshaping the market.

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