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Watch the Web Seminar Replay: Using Target Maturity Bond Funds to Create Retirement Income Solutions Updated: 5/23/2014

Watch the web seminar replay on alternatives to individual bonds or broad bond funds.

Matthew J. Patterson, Managing Director, Accretive Asset Management, and Dave Gedeon, Managing Director, NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes introduce the concept of the target maturity bond funds, compare and contrast these new products to both individual bonds and traditional bond funds, and describe how investors and advisors can use target maturity bond funds to create investment solutions for both the asset accumulation and distribution phases of an investor’s life.


NASDAQ BulletShares Debuts New Ladder Indexes Updated: 10/14/2013

Today, NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes introduced the NASDAQ BulletShares® Ladder Indexes, which are indexes designed to track traditional bond ladders implemented through target maturity bond exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

The indexes are equal-weighted and use Guggenheim BulletShares ETFs to track defined bond ladders of 0-3 years and 0-5 years of the investment grade and high yield corporate bond markets. Each BulletShares Ladder Index rebalances annually in December to reset the bond ladder and equally weight the components.

"The Bulletshares Ladder Indexes are an important addition to the NASDAQ Bulletshares Index family as they provide investors the same liquidity and diversification benefits as the underlying Bulletshares Indexes themselves, but in a format that systematically captures how many investors choose to assemble their bond portfolios," said David Krein, Head of Index Research, NASDAQ OMX.

Click here to see the full list of NASDAQ Ladder Indexes

NASDAQ Bulletshares Developer to Speak at Inside Fixed Income Updated: 10/14/2013

NASDAQ OMX will be presenting and exhibiting at this year’s Inside Fixed Income Conference, October 18, 2013, at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco. Hosted by Index Universe, this one-day event aims to deliver insightful content, lively discussions and provide investors with tactical and strategic approaches to benefit their fixed-income allocation.

Join Accretive Asset Management Head of Product Development, Darrin DeCosta, CFA, CPA, at “The High-Yield Trade: Crowded & Dangerous?” panel from 1:35-2:25 p.m. In June, NASDAQ OMX and Accretive Asset Management partnered to create the NASDAQ BulletShares® Indexes, a series that represents the performance of an investment in a diversified, held-to-maturity portfolio of fixed income securities with a common year of maturity.

Visit the NASDAQ OMX booth for the latest information about NASDAQ Bulletshares and learn about our new NASDAQ Bulletshares Ladder Indexes. Plus, enter to win an Amazon Kindle Fire HD!

Can’t make it? Find out more by downloading the white paper “The Minimum Maturity Rules: The Cost of Selling Bonds Before Their Time.”

NASDAQ OMX Partners with Accretive Asset Management on BulletShare Corporate Bond Indexes Updated: 6/17/2013

NASDAQ OMX and Accretive Asset Management have partnered to co-brand the innovative BulletShares® Corporate Bond Index family and work jointly to promote these indexes around the world.

The BulletShares Corporate Bond Indexes are the world’s first target-maturity corporate bond indexes. Now called “NASDAQ BulletShares Indexes,” these benchmarks represent the performance of an investment in a diversified, held-to-maturity portfolio of fixed income securities with a common year of maturity. Accretive Asset Management developed the methodology in 2009 with the objective of combining the benefits of individual bonds and bond funds.

NASDAQ BulletShares Corporate Bond Indexes offer a precise way to get the benefit of individual bonds combined with the benefit of funds. Instead of a single bond, these indexes offer exposure to a broad range of investment-grade corporate bonds, which allows for a more diversified approach. Read more about the benefits.

We’re excited to add this family to our fixed income portfolio and offer our customers a broader selection of innovative index solutions. Stay tuned for additional research and announcements!

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