Video: John Jacobs on the Advantages of Being Part of a Global Exchange Company

Video: John Jacobs on the Advantages of Being Part of a Global Exchange Company By: John Jacobs
on 7/15/2014

John Jacobs, Executive Vice President, NASDAQ OMX Global Information Services, explains the advantages of being a part of a global exchange.

Transcript: The fact that NASDAQ Global Indexes is part of the NASDAQ OMX Exchange company gives us some great advantages. For example, since we power 75 markets around the planet, we have natural inroads and connections to those markets that allow us to reach those market participants and they, in turn, are the gateway to the investors. That’s why you’ve seen NASDAQ OMX Indexes, like the NASDAQ-100, for example, start being launched in ETFs and other kinds of products around the planet. We’ve got access to the local marketplace through those connections. In addition, those markets are operating on our trading technology, which is the basis for our index technology. So, again, we have a natural conduit to be able to partner in local markets. The other advantage of being a part of this exchange company is that NASDAQ OMX owns a variety of derivative exchanges, those in Europe and in the US, where we are the number one options market, for example. And when we go to ETF sponsors and other product sponsors, and we can say, “look, if you pick our index, versus another indexers benchmark, we can guarantee you that, if it’s options eligible, we will get an index option launched on your product.” And we’ve all seen that the most successful products out there are the ones that have a variety of different products on them. So you take an index, you launch an ETF and an option, and a future, and structured products, and it appeals to a wide variety of investors and traders. That ensures the most success for all the products. They don’t really compete, they are complementary. So, again, being part of this larger family, gives us great opportunities to leverage the assets of this overall company.

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