Video: John Jacobs on The Importance of Scalable Technology

Video: John Jacobs on The Importance of Scalable Technology By: John Jacobs
on 6/24/2014

John Jacobs, Executive Vice President, NASDAQ OMX Global Information Services, addresses the Importance of Scalable Technology in the second installment of his video series.

Transcript: To be a full service index calculator, and the world is moving to a smaller number of much larger full-service index calculators or indexers, you need a robust calculator. This business is moving to a model that’s built on scale, a technology scale. That is a strong spot of the NASDAQ OMX Group and we built the most scalable technology to trade securities around the planet. Now I say securities specifically, not just stocks, because we power a variety of different kinds of markets. So when it comes to an index calculation, you need to be able to calculate a variety of indexes across multiple asset classes; Not just equities, but commodities, you need to be able to do currencies, you need to be able to do fixed income and a variety of other things. It needs to be fast, it needs to be able to take in multiple data inputs, and it needs to be able to deliver that in a very robust data center that can be consumed by investors a lot of different ways. You can’t build that with a very expensive cost structure, it won’t be competitive. So that is the importance of having a technologically scalable index calculator at the core of your index business and we are very excited that we have built what we consider the absolute state-of-the-art best one on the planet.

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