NASDAQ OMX Will Modify the Maintenance Window for GIDS 2.0

NASDAQ OMX Will Modify the Maintenance Window for GIDS 2.0 Updated: 2/28/2014

Earlier this year, NASDAQ OMX extended the hours of operation for the Global Index Data Service (GIDS) data feed to support the dissemination of ticks during the Asia/Pacific market hours. Currently, GIDS observes a maintenance window from 23:35, Eastern Time (ET) to 00:05, EST. During this time data is not disseminated.

Effective Sunday, March 9, 2014, the new GIDS maintenance window will occur from 18:40, ET to 19:10, ET. Please Note: There are no message format changes to the GIDS data feed.

Please refer to the Data Technical News Alert sent earlier this year for full details.

For questions regarding the GIDS data feed, please contact NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes at +1 301 978 8284.

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