Announcing the SmartTrust® NASDAQ International Dividend Achievers Trust

Announcing the SmartTrust® NASDAQ International Dividend Achievers Trust Updated: 1/25/2014

NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes has partnered with Hennion & Walsh to offer the SmartTrust® NASDAQ International Dividend Achievers Trust, Series 1. This new investment vehicle gives customers access to the NASDAQ Dividend Achievers brand and the underlying companies it represents.

The two-year Trust seeks to pursue its objective by investing in a portfolio consisting of the publicly-traded foreign securities comprising the NASDAQ International Dividend Achievers™ Index. The objective of the Index is to track the performance of certain foreign securities with at least five consecutive years of increasing regular dividend payments.

“NASDAQ OMX has built its Global Index business to collaborate with sponsors like SmartTrust® to offer increased access to liquidity, transparency and cost efficiency,” said Rob Hughes, Vice President, Global Information Services.

The security types eligible for the Index include American Depositary Receipts (“ADRs”), Global Depositary Receipts (“GDRs”), limited partnership interests, ordinary shares and shares of limited liability companies.

“Our index licensing arrangement with NASDAQ OMX provides for an excellent complement to our existing suite of equity-based income solutions at SmartTrust®,” said Kevin Mahn, President and Chief Investment Officer, Hennion & Walsh Asset Management, one of the nation’s premier providers of investment services and an advocate for individual investors.

“Whereas the majority of our current equity-based income solutions are largely U.S. focused, the SmartTrust®, NASDAQ International Dividend Achievers Index Trust will add an internationally focused strategy that still has an income component at its core. We believe that the new relationship with NASDAQ OMX, and their underlying International Dividend Achievers index strategy, is well positioned for the current market environment and will be very positively received by the many financial advisors that we work with around the country.”

According to Hennion & Walsh, though December 5, 2013, total assets in SmartTrust® have grown over 142% since 2010 while the number of Trusts outstanding at SmartTrust® have grown over 314% over that same time period. Today, SmartTrust® has 58 Trusts outstanding, with 12 of these Trusts currently being available for purchase in the primary market.

“We believe the launch of this new Trust is well timed, as the European market continues its recovery,” said Bill Walsh, Chief Executive Officer of Hennion & Walsh. “This Trust allows the advisors we work with to add strength and stability to their clients’ international equity allocations.”

Hennion & Walsh has wholesalers around the country who are dedicated to serving advisors and investors. For more information about the SmartTrust® NASDAQ International Dividend Achievers Trust or any other SmartTrust® UIT product, please contact the firm’s Internal Support Desk at 888-505-2872 or visit

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