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First Trust Switches 10 AlphaDEX ETFs to Nasdaq Updated: 7/14/2015

Today, First Trust transferred 10 AlphaDEX® ETFs from NYSE Arca to The Nasdaq Stock Market®. Each ETF will list and trade its shares on Nasdaq under the same ticker symbol as was used on NYSE. Additionally, each ETF’s Index Provider will change to Nasdaq Global Indexes.

“The transfer of these 10 ETFs is evidence of First Trust’s confidence that the Nasdaq marketplace is a leader in ETF listing and trading,” said Jeffrey McCarthy, Head of ETP Listings at Nasdaq. “These products exemplify the importance of exchange listing diversification and how Nasdaq is positioned to provide multi-faceted solutions to ETF issuers by supporting index creation, calculation, listing and trading-through the benchmark switch of these funds to Nasdaq Indexes. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with First Trust and the AlphaDEX team in the future.”

Each ETF will seek investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield (before the Fund’s fees and expenses) of a Nasdaq AlphaDEX® Equity Index (each, a “New Index”). Each New Index is a modified equal-dollar weighted index developed and maintained by Nasdaq that may generate positive alpha relative to traditional passive-style indices through the use of the AlphaDEX® selection methodology.


Fund Name Ticker New Index
First Trust Japan AlphaDEX Fund FJP Nasdaq AlphaDEX® Japan Index
First Trust China AlphaDEX Fund FCA Nasdaq AlphaDEX® China Index
First Trust Brazil AlphaDEX Fund FBZ Nasdaq AlphaDEX® Brazil Index
First Trust South Korea AlphaDEX Fund FKO Nasdaq AlphaDEX® South Korea Index
First Trust United Kingdom AlphaDEX Fund FKU Nasdaq AlphaDEX® United Kingdom Index
First Trust Germany AlphaDEX Fund FGM Nasdaq AlphaDEX® Germany Index
First Trust Switzerland AlphaDEX Fund FSZ Nasdaq AlphaDEX® Switzerland Index
First Trust Hond Kong AlphaDEX Fund FHK Nasdaq AlphaDEX® Hong Kong Index
First Trust Canada AlphaDEX Fund FCAN Nasdaq AlphaDEX® Canada Index
First Trust Taiwan AlphaDEX Fund FTW Nasdaq AlphaDEX® Taiwan Index


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Cybersecurity: The New ETF Frontier Updated: 7/9/2015


This week we launched the Nasdaq CEA Cybersecurity IndexSM to track the performance of companies engaged in the cybersecurity segment of the technology and industrials sectors. It includes companies primarily involved in the building, implementation, and management of security protocols applied to private and public networks, computers, and mobile devices in order to provide protection of the integrity of data and network operations.

Following the launch of the index, First Trust listed the First Trust Nasdaq CEA Cybersecurity ETF (Symbol: CIBR) on The Nasdaq Stock Market®. The Fund uses an indexing investment approach to attempt to replicate, before fees and expenses, the performance of the Nasdaq CEA Cybersecurity IndexSM (NQCYBR). To learn more about the ETF, click here.

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