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NASDAQ Global Index Family Now Available Through RIMES Benchmark Data Service Updated: 3/27/2014

The NASDAQ Global Index Family, comprised of nearly 9,000 global securities with a combined $41.8 trillion float-adjusted market capitalization, is now available on the award-winning RIMES Benchmark Data Service® (RIMES BDS®).

This offering expands upon the following NASDAQ indexes previously available on RIMES:

RIMES Technologies Corporation was the first provider to become a NASDAQ OMX Elite Index Data Partner

“Furthering our partnership with RIMES provides their clients access to NASDAQ OMX’s full range of global equity indexes to benchmark their portfolios; responding to client demand for competing benchmark options,” said Oliver Albers, VP of Sales for Global Data Products, NASDAQ OMX.

RIMES Benchmark Data Service formats NASDAQ Index Data according to clients’ specific criteria, then delivers it through files customized to fit each client’s systems, ready to be used within their applications. RIMES BDS is fully managed data service that covers all the elements of good data processing.

“The data from NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes furthers our commitment to providing the full suite of data for all NASDAQ OMX indexes, customized to our client’s exact specifications,” said Alessandro Ferrari, SVP Global Marketing, RIMES. “These additional indexes improve clients’ access to NASDAQ Indexes and supplement their existing choice of indexes.”

Learn more about NASDAQ OMX Elite Data Index Partners.


Broad Equity Markets are flat this week leading into quarter-end Updated: 3/26/2014

The ups and downs of the global equity markets during the first quarter of 2013 have been for naught, as they are currently flat. Technology M&A activity is worth noting, as Facebook’s purchase of Oculus follows their WhatsApp deal from last month. In addition, Apple is in talks with Comcast on a set-top box streaming service.

“Global equity markets are up 67 basis points this week with year-to-date returns slightly positive at 0.11%. This year-to-date figure comes despite some early volatility this year which resulted in returns down more than 5% through the first week of February,” said David Krein, Head of Research, NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes.


  • NASDAQ BIOTECHNOLOGY INDEX (NBI) was down 2.95% since Friday’s close. Year-to-date performance for the index is up 5.3% after the recent downward trend.
  • PHLX GOLD/SILVER SECTOR (XAU) was down 5.91% as of noon on Wednesday, from the most recent Friday close. The price of gold is currently $1,307 per ounce, down around $30 this week.
  • NASDAQ International BuyBack Achievers Index (DRBXUS) was up 1.7% this week with overall year-to-date returns being down 0.50%.



  • The price of silver has bounced around quite a bit in the last year, starting at just under $29 per ounce, to $19 at the end of January, bouncing back up to $22, then ultimately dropping to under $20 today. Track the space by monitoring the NASDAQ Commodity Silver Index ER (NQCISIER) and the covered call Credit Suisse NASDAQ Silver FLOWS 106 Index Ttl Rt (QSLVOTR).


This Isn’t the Same NASDAQ Composite Index of Old Updated: 3/21/2014

The NASDAQ Composite Index – known simply as “The NASDAQ” – has crossed over 4000 again, a level last achieved 14 years ago. This time, the index composition and valuation look quite different than they did back in 1999. Since then, the Index has experienced dramatic changes reflecting market trends that are specific to NASDAQ as well as the broader economy and capital markets.

David Krein, NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes Head of Research, and Jeffrey Smith, Managing Director, NASDAQ OMX Economic Research, have written a white paper on the NASDAQ Composite “A 14-year Retrospective,” which delves into one of the world’s most-watched benchmarks.
David also will be hosting a complementary Web Seminar that will showcase the white paper findings and provide an opportunity to hear from the authors and ask questions.

The web seminar will cover the growth and change of the index’s components, composition and valuation. Learn more about:

  • The number of components now versus 14 years ago and the differences between the securities’ size and valuation.
  • How and why the components have shifted
  • The extent of the index’s technology orientation
  • How this 4000 is much different than that of 1999

Join us for a complimentary web seminar on the NASDAQ Composite Index: A 14-Year Retrospective
Wednesday, April 2nd
10:00 – 11:00 a.m., ET

Register now

Submit real-time questions during the web seminar or Tweet your questions in advance to @NASDAQIndexes using #NASDAQComp.

White Paper available for download here on April 2nd.



Fed Chairman Janet Yellen's First FOMC Meeting Ends Today Updated: 3/19/2014

Many expect Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s first move will be to continue the tapering schedule set forth by former Chairman Ben Bernanke. Bond buying should decrease from $65B to $55B per month. Differing from her predecessor, unemployment rates might not be used as the benchmark in determining where the economy’s growth stands. The February unemployment rate came out at 6.6% (0.1% above the Fed threshold for increasing interest rates). Many believe unemployment figures do not give an accurate depiction of the labor markets, and often note that many individuals have left the workforce, rather than continue to claim unemployment. “Equity markets have been very strong so far this week leading up to the results of new Fed Chairman Janet Yellen’s first meeting, which is expected to include the continued easing of the bond buying program,” said David Krein, Head of Research, NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes.


  • NASDAQ BIOTECHNOLOGY INDEX (NBI) was up this week with a 3.03% return since Friday’s close. Year-to-date performance for the index is up 15%.
  • PHLX GOLD/SILVER SECTOR (XAU) was down 5.43% as of noon on Wednesday from the most recent Friday close. The price of gold is currently $1,338 per ounce, down over $40 this week.
  •  NASDAQ US Buyback Achievers Index (DRB) was up 1.5% this week with a return just south of 9% since the beginning of February, making it one of the highest performing US equity indexes over that timeframe.


  • Solar energy has consistently been reaping in great returns with year-to-date and current week performances being 30% and 6%, respectively. Look for activity in the space by tracking NASDAQ OMX Solar (GRNSOLAR).


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Returning to Profitability Updated: 3/12/2014

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have returned to profitability. In 2008, the two combined mortgage lenders received $187B in TARP funds. What is not as well known, by the end of March 2014, they will have paid around $200B in dividends back to the US Treasury, far exceeding the amount the government supplied the agencies to stay afloat. US Equity markets have been choppy this week and are currently down around 1%. “Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s rise to profitability and subsequent payment of dividends in excess of $200B is partially due to home prices coming back into favor, along with a 2012 bailout amendment by the US government. The amendment requires both agencies pay a majority of their profits as dividends to the US treasury,” said David Krein, Head of Research, NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes.


  • NASDAQ BIOTECHNOLOGY INDEX (NBI) was flat this week with a 0.47% return since Friday’s close. Year-to-date performance for the index is up 15%.
  • PHLX GOLD/SILVER SECTOR (XAU) was up 0.95% as of noon on Wednesday from the most recent Friday close. The price of gold is currently $1365 per ounce, up over $100 from the end of January.
  • NASDAQ INTERNET (QNET) was down this week with a return of -2.06%. Some core holdings include Facebook, eBay, Google, Priceline and Amazon.


  • With the recent political issues in Russia, look for activity in their markets by tracking the NASDAQ Russia Index (NQRU), which is down 29% year-over-year, after dropping 15% in the last two weeks.


NASDAQ OMX Outlines Google Corporate Action Index Changes Updated: 3/11/2014

On January 30th, Google, Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced that its Board of Directors approved the distribution of Class C shares as a dividend to stockholders. The Google Board of Directors has approved a distribution of shares of the Class C capital stock as a dividend to stockholders with a dividend record date of March 27, 2014 and a dividend payment date of April 2, 2014. As a result of this complex corporate action, this change will impact NASDAQ OMX® Indexes that include Google Class A Shares including NASDAQ OMX Global Index Data Service (GIDS 2.0), NASDAQ Global Index Watch (GIW), and all markets.  Upon distribution, the Google Class C shares will be added to all NASDAQ OMX Indexes that contain Google Class A shares including, but not limited to, the NASDAQ-100 Index®, the NASDAQ Internet Index® and the NASDAQ OMX Global Index Family, effective prior to market open on the April 3, 2014, the ex-date of the distribution. Both classes of shares will remain temporarily in the Indexes until the next quarterly rebalancing on June 23rd, when the Class A shares will be removed from the Indexes.

Please visit the Global Index Watch website for a complete list of affected indexes and refer to the Frequently Asked Questions document for more details.

Where can I find additional information?

·         For questions about NASDAQ OMX index products, please contact NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes at +1 301 978 8284.

·         Refer to the NASDAQ OMX press release.

·         Refer to the FAQ document.

NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes Now Available Through eVestment Updated: 3/6/2014

The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc., a market leading provider of innovative, transparent indexes, announced the following 19 NASDAQ Indexes are now available to clients of eVestment’s suite of Analytic solutions for institutional investors:

NASDAQ Global Index Family: Comprised of nearly 9,000 global securities with a combined $41.8 Trillion float-adjusted market cap.

• NASDAQ Developed Ex North America Index
• NASDAQ Developed Ex North America Large Mid Cap Index
• NASDAQ Developed Market Index
• NASDAQ Developed Large Mid Cap Index
• NASDAQ Developed Small Cap Index
• NASDAQ Emerging Markets Index
• NASDAQ Emerging Large Mid Cap Index
• NASDAQ Emerging Small Cap Index
• NASDAQ Global Ex US Index
• NASDAQ Global Index
• NASDAQ Global Large Mid Cap Index
• NASDAQ Global Small Cap Index
• NASDAQ US Large Cap Index
• NASDAQ US Mid Cap Index
• NASDAQ US Small Cap Index
• NASDAQ US Benchmark Index

NASDAQ Dividend Achiever Indexes: exchange traded products (ETPs) tracking nearly $20 billion in assets under management (AUM)

• NASDAQ US Dividend Achievers Select Index
• NASDAQ US Broad Dividend Achievers Index
• NASDAQ Dividend International Achievers Index

“Partnering with eVestment to provide NASDAQ OMX Global Index data on all eVestment software platforms is an exciting opportunity for both companies and provides additional value to eVestment clients.” said Rob Hughes, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes. “As a result, NASDAQ OMX Global Index products will gain access to one of the largest distribution channels to the global institutional investment community, and eVestment clients will have access to NASDAQ OMX’s innovative indexes to benchmark their portfolios, globally and dynamically.”

eVestment is a global leader in institutional investor data and analytics, delivering insight and intelligence to the institutional investing community through a comprehensive, global database and cloud-based analytics technology As institutional portfolios increasingly diversify holdings, eVestment’s ability to act as a single source for data, analysis and reporting has served as a valuable resource for efficient investing.

“The data from NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes complements our extensive database of traditional and alternative vehicles,” states Jim Minnick, Founder and CEO of eVestment. “The agreement allows users of any eVestment Analytics solution to consume the same data.”


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