NASDAQ-100 3x Leveraged Index

247,523.92 269.56 0.11%

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Previous Close 247,523.92 Today’s High 255,339.35 Today’s Low 246,804.43


NASDAQ-100 3x Leveraged Index

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Index Description

The NASDAQ-100 3x Leveraged Index has been constructed with the objective of creating an index to reflect a strategy that aims to produce three times the daily return of the “Underlying Index”, with financing costs embedded in the performance of the Index. The Index is made up of the combination of an investment aiming to replicate a long position on the Underlying Index with an increased exposure and borrowing at a given interest rate.

Summary Details

Last 247,523.92
Net Change 269.56
Net Change(%) 0.11%
Day High 255,339.35
Day Low 246,804.43
Previous Close 247,523.92
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