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Nasdaq-100 Volatility Index VOLQ (VOLQ)

The Nasdaq-100 Volatility Index, VOLQ (“Volatility Index”), (Ticker Symbol: VOLQ) measures changes in 30 day implied volatility of the Nasdaq-100® index (NDX). The Volatility Index uses the prices of certain listed options on NDX to obtain the prices of synthetic precisely at-the-money (ATM) options. The ultimate Volatility Index component options used directly in the computation include a total of four NDX options from each of four expirations for a total of sixteen component options derived from observation of sixteen NDX option bids and offers (a total of thirty-two input observations). The synthetic ATM option prices are then used to calculate 30-day closed-form implied volatility. The result is a closed-form measure of implied volatility for the Nasdaq-100 index that focuses on the options practitioners, hedgers, and traders use most, at-the-money options.

Last Updated: 2/25/2021


Last 31.95
Net Change
Net Change(%)
Day High
Day Low
Previous Close 31.91
Base Value 1,000.00

Quick Facts

# of Components -1
Index Currency USD
Entitlement U.S. Classic (NASDAQ / PHLX)

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