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Credit Suisse NASDAQ Gold FLOWS103 Price Index (QGLDI)

The Index is a part of the Formula-Linked OverWrite Strategy (FLOWSTM) Index family, which was developed by Credit Suisse. Each Index within the family is designed to replicate a "covered call" strategy. Covered call strategies represent an approach to owning assets that offers higher yield than simply holding the asset except in cases when the asset increases above the call strike. The Gold FLOWSTM Indexes adopt this covered call strategy. The 103 Indexes select the Option that has the lowest listed strike price that is above 103% of the closing price of the Shares as of the Strike Observation Time on the Strike Observation Date.
Last Updated: 8/4/2021


Last 3,052.78
Net Change
Net Change(%)
Day High
Day Low
Previous Close 3,052.78
Base Value

Quick Facts

# of Components -1
Index Currency USD
Entitlement NASDAQ Dividend Income Index Family

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