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OMX Stockholm Benchmark_PI (OMXSBPI)

The OMX Stockholm Benchmark Index (OMXSB) consists of a selection of the largest and most traded stocks, with representation from a majority of the supersectors. The weight of each constituent is based on a free float market capitalization, which means that only the part of the share capital that is considered to be available for trading is included in the index. The index serves as an indicator of the overall performance on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and is intended to be a cost efficient index that an investor can fully replicate. Thus, the OMXSB index is especially attractive for use in different investment products and as a comparative index for investors. OMXSB is revised twice a year to ensure that it offers high investability with low transaction costs. The index is available as both price (PI) and gross (GI) return, as well as a weight limited version called OMXSBCAP™ calculated as PI and GI. The weight limitation (capping) ensures that the index is compliant according to UCITS. The base date for the OMXSB and OMXSBCAP indexes is December 30, 1995, with a base value of 100.

Last Updated: 8/2/2021


Last 829.44
Net Change 6.00
Net Change(%) 0.72
Day High 830.91
Day Low 825.85
Previous Close 829.44
Base Value 100.00

Quick Facts

# of Components 105
Index Currency SEK
Entitlement NASDAQ OMX Nordic Classic

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