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OMX GES OMXS30 Ethical Gross Index (OMXS30ETHICGI)

The OMX GES OMXS30 Ethical Index is an ethically screened version of the popular OMX Stockholm 30 Index. The population of OMXS30 is screened by GES Investment Services, a leading research and service provider for responsible investments. Companies that do not comply with the GES Global Ethical Standard and GES Controversial are removed. This means that the population can include less than 30 constituents. The screening is conducted twice a year in connection with the review of OMXS30. Base date is 2001-12-28 with a base value of 100.

Last Updated: 10/1/2020


Last 407.48
Net Change 2.30
Net Change(%) 0.57
Day High 407.97
Day Low 406.10
Previous Close 405.18
Base Value 100.00

Quick Facts

# of Components 26
Index Currency SEK
Parent Index OMXS30ETHICPI
Entitlement NASDAQ OMX Nordic Classic

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