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OMX Stockholm 30 ESG Responsible Index (OMXS30ESG)

OMX Stockholm 30 ESG Responsible Index (OMXS30ESG) is an ESG responsible version of the OMX Stockholm 30 Index, which is the leading share index on Nasdaq Stockholm. The OMXS30ESG is based on OMXS30, which consists of the 30 most traded securities on Nasdaq Stockholm, followed by a systematic criteria-based ESG screening where securities that fail the criteria are excluded. The index has excellent liquidity, which results in an index that is highly suitable as underlying for derivatives products. In addition OMXS30ESG is also constructed to be used for structured products, e.g. warrants, index bonds, exchange traded funds and other non-standardized derivatives products. The composition of the OMXS30ESG index is revised twice a year in start of July and January. The OMXS30ESG Index is a market cap weighted index

Last Updated: 10/22/2021


Last 2,260.58
Net Change 22.23
Net Change(%) 0.98
Day High 2,264.95
Day Low 2,229.31
Previous Close 2,260.58
Base Value 1,500.00

Quick Facts

# of Components 28
Index Currency SEK
Entitlement Nordic ESG

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