Nasdaq US 700 Small Cap Growth Index

2,241.05 28.68 1.30%

Key Stats

Previous Close 2,241.05 Today’s High 2,252.72 Today’s Low 2,231.08


Nasdaq US 700 Small Cap Growth Index

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Index Description

The Nasdaq US Select Style Index Family is comprised of size-segmented Value and Growth indexes. Separately for the Large, Mid and Small size segments, all securities are scored using value and growth metrics, which are aggregated into a composite score. The top 50% of securities with the strongest value-oriented composite score are assigned to the value index, and the remaining securities are assigned to the growth index. Each of the Large, Mid and Small selections for Value and Growth are aggregated to form a Multi Cap Value Index and a Multi Cap Growth Index.

The Indexes began on January 11, 2016 at a base value of 1000.00.

Summary Details

Last 2,241.05
Net Change 28.68
Net Change(%) 1.30%
Day High 2,252.72
Day Low 2,231.08
Previous Close 2,241.05
Base Value 1,000.00
Divisor 269,587,571