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Nasdaq Nordea SmartBeta Multifactor ESG Eurozone N (NQNDMFEEURON)

The Nasdaq Nordea SmartBeta Multifactor Indexes are transparent, rule-based equity strategy indexes aimed to provide exposure to multiple factors. The Indexes follow a systematic selection approach where the first step is a liquidity and ESG screening and where the second step comprises a further selection between the securities according to certain designated factors. The Indexes gives exposure to 30 large - mid cap securities in the Eurozone equity market that have high dividend yield, high momentum and low beta to the market.

Last Updated: 10/29/2020


Last 960.77
Net Change 3.89
Net Change(%) 0.41
Day High 970.09
Day Low 955.86
Previous Close 956.87
Base Value 1,000.00

Quick Facts

# of Components 37
Index Currency EUR
Entitlement Custom Nordea

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