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The Capital Strength Index (NQCAPST)

The Capital Strength Index seeks to provide exposure to well-capitalized companies with strong market positions that have the potential to provide their stockholders with a greater degree of stability and performance over time. The companies are screened so that the index constituents generally have strong balance sheets, a high degree of liquidity, the ability to generate earnings growth, and a record of financial strength and profit growth. The Index is composed of 50 stocks selected objectively based on cash on hand, debt ratios and volatility. The index components are equally weighted at each quarterly rebalance.

The Index began on March 20, 2013 at a base value of 1000.

Last Updated: 10/22/2021


Last 2,898.04
Net Change 11.21
Net Change(%) 0.39
Day High 2,903.27
Day Low 2,887.69
Previous Close 2,898.04
Base Value 1,000.00

Quick Facts

# of Components 50
Index Currency USD
Entitlement U.S. Classic (NASDAQ / PHLX)

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