The Growth Strength Index

1,612.48 -2.46 0.00%

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Previous Close 1,612.48 Today’s High 1,613.26 Today’s Low 1,603.48


The Growth Strength Index

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Index Description

The Growth Stength Index (NQCAPSG) seeks to provide exposure to well-capitalized companies with strong market positions. The companies are screened for strong balance sheets, a high degree of liquidity, the ability to generate earnings and cash flow growth and a record of financial strength and profit growth. The Index is composed of 50 securities selected objectively based on cash on hand, debt ratios and revenue and cash flow growth.

Summary Details

Last 1,612.48
Net Change -2.46
Net Change(%) 0.00%
Day High 1,613.26
Day Low 1,603.48
Previous Close 1,612.48
Base Value 1,000.00
Divisor 3,300,215

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