Nasdaq HANDL Base Index

1,120.59 0.04 0.00%

Key Stats

Previous Close 1,120.59 Today’s High 1,120.59 Today’s Low 1,118.57


Nasdaq HANDL Base Index

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Index Description

The Nasdaq HANDL Base Index seeks to create a diversified, multi-asset portfolio of ETFs to serve as a base index for the Nasdaq HANDL Index.

The Index began on October 12, 2017 at a base value of 1000.00.

Summary Details

Last 1,120.59
Net Change 0.04
Net Change(%) 0.00%
Day High 1,120.59
Day Low 1,118.57
Previous Close 1,120.59
Base Value 1,000.00
Divisor 905,518,272