NASDAQ-100 Leveraged Index

29,320.12 720.43 2.52%

Key Stats

Previous Close 29,320.12 Today’s High 29,395.16 Today’s Low 28,640.89


NASDAQ-100 Leveraged Index

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Index Description

The NASDAQ-100 Leveraged Index has been constructed with the objective of creating an index to reflect a strategy that aims to produce double leverage to the underlying NASDAQ-100®, symbol NDX, with financing costs embedded in the performance of the index. As the underlying index is the NASDAQ-100, this set of rules is also based on the published methodology of the NASDAQ-100 Index, which in its entirety also is applicable on the NASDAQ-100 Leveraged Index.

Summary Details

Last 29,320.12
Net Change 720.43
Net Change(%) 2.52%
Day High 29,395.16
Day Low 28,640.89
Previous Close 29,320.12
Base Value

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