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The NASDAQ-100 Index includes 100 of the largest domestic and international non-financial companies listed on The NASDAQ Stock Market based on market capitalization. The Index reflects companies across major industry groups including computer hardware and software, telecommunications, retail/wholesale trade and biotechnology. It does not contain securities of financial companies including investment companies.

Last Updated: 9/16/2019


Last 7,852.41
Net Change -40.54
Net Change(%) -0.52
Day High 7,868.74
Day Low 7,831.76
Previous Close 7,852.41
Base Value 125.00

Quick Facts

# of Components 103
Index Currency USD
Entitlement U.S. Classic (NASDAQ / PHLX)

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Products for NASDAQ-100 Index

U.S. Listed ETFs

Name Symbol Sponsor
UltraShort QQQ QID ProShares Trust
Short QQQ PSQ ProShares Trust
Ultra QQQ QLD ProShares Trust
ProShares UltraPro QQQ TQQQ ProShares Trust
ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ SQQQ ProShares Trust
Invesco QQQ Trust, Series 1 QQQ PowerShares
Pacer Nasdaq-100 Trendpilot ETF PTNQ Pacer Advisors, Inc.

Non U.S. Listed ETFs

Name Symbol Sponsor
Amundi ETF NASDAQ-100 ANX Amundi Investment Solutions
iShares NASDAQ-100® (DE) former Nasdaq-100 Ex ETF NDXEX Barclays Global Investors (Deutschland) AG
Horizons BetaPro Nasdaq-100 Bear Plus ETF, TSE-HQD HQD BetaPro Management Inc.
Horizons BetaPro Nasdaq-100 Bull Plus ETF, TSE-HQU HQU BetaPro Management Inc.
ComStage ETF NASDAQ-100 CBNDX Commerz Derivatives Funds Solutions S.A.
CS ETF (IE) on Nasdaq-100 CSNDX Credit Suisse Fund Management Company (Ireland) Limited
NASDAQ-100 European Tracker ETF (EQQQ) EQQQ PowerShares
Lyxor ETF Nasdaq-100 LYMS Lyxor International Asset Management
TIGER NASDAQ-100 ETF 133690 Mirae Asset MAPS Global Investment Co., Ltd
Next Funds NASDAQ-100 ETF 1545 Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd.
GF NASDAQ-100 ETF 159941 GF Fund Management Co Ltd
Horizons NASDAQ-100® Index ETF HXQ BetaPro Management Inc.
MOSt Shares NASDAQ-100 MOSTNDX Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.
Guotai NASDAQ 100 ETF 513100 Guotai AMC
Psagot Sal NASDAQ 100 PSNAS48 Psagot Investment House
Psagot Sal NASDAQ 100 NIS PNASD62 Psagot Investment House
Tachlit NASDAQ 100 TCNSX5 Tachlit Trackers
Tachlit NASDAQ 100 ILS TCNSD37 Tachlit Trackers
Meitav NASDAQ 100 MTVNS1 Psagot Investment House
Harel Sal NASDAQ 100 NIS HRNDX49 Harel-Sal Ltd
Harel Sal NDX HRNSD26 Harel-Sal Ltd
Fubon NASDAQ-100 662 Fubon Asset Management Co., Ltd.
iShares Nasdaq-100 Index-HK 2834 BlackRock Asset Management North Asia Limited.
BMO NASDAQ 100 3086 BMO Global Asset Management (Asia) Ltd.
ChinaAMC Direxion NASDAQ-100 Daily (2x) Leveraged 7261 China Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited
ChinaAMC Direxion NASDAQ-100 Daily (-1x) Inverse 7331 China Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited
KSM Basket US Equity KSMCM39 KSM Financial Instruments Ltd
KSM NASDAQ 100 KSMNSDQ KSM Excellence Group
KSM NASDAQ 100 Long X3 KSNAS51 KSM Financial Instruments Ltd
KSM NASDAQ 100 KSNAS91 KSM Excellence Group
Lyxor ETF NASDAQ-100 Singapore NDX Lyxor International Asset Management
KSM NASDAQ 100 Short X3 KSNAS54 KSM Financial Instruments Ltd
BetaShares NASDAQ 100 ETF NDQ BetaShares


Name Exchange
CME E-mini NASDAQ-100 Futures Chicago Mercantile Exchange
CME NASDAQ-100 Futures Chicago Mercantile Exchange


Name Exchange
NASDAQ-100 Index Options CBOE
CBOE Mini-NDX Index Options CBOE
NASDAQ-100 Index (NDX) ISE
Mini-Nasdaq-100 Index (MNX) ISE
NASDAQ-100 Index Options PHLX
Mini-NDX Index Options PHLX

Options on Futures

Name Sponsor
CME E-mini NASDAQ-100 Options Chicago Mercantile Exchange
CME E-mini NASDAQ-100 Weekly Options Chicago Mercantile Exchange
CME E-mini NASDAQ-100 End-of-month Options Chicago Mercantile Exchange
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