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Cboe NASDAQ-100 BuyWrite Index

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The Cboe NASDAQ-100 BuyWrite Index (BXN) measures the total rate of return of a NASDAQ-100 covered call strategy. This strategy (“BXN covered call strategy”) consists of holding a portfolio indexed to the NASDAQ-100 and selling a succession of one-month at-the-money NASDAQ-100 (NDX) call options listed on the PHLX exchange. The BXN index is based on the cumulative gross rate of return of this strategy since the inception of the index, December 30, 1994, when it was set to an initial value of 100.00. The BXN Index does not use contributed input data, and all of the input data is readily available via public sources. The BXN Index is non-significant, as defined by EU Regulation 2016/1011 (“EU Benchmark Regulation” or “EU BMR”).

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