NASDAQ OMX provides current and historical index data for the diverse suite of NASDAQ OMX Global Indexes across multiple asset classes. This reliable and comprehensive data helps investors value securities, evaluate investments and track portfolios. The widespread distribution of our index data promotes capital performance transparency for investors, asset managers and global financial institutions. Learn more about our flexible options and competitive pricing.

Global Index Watch

Global Index Watch (GIW) is the direct source for NASDAQ OMX index weights and components via an easy-to-use web interface. Subscribers have access to:

  • Daily changes to the composition and weightings of NASDAQ OMX indexes
  • Advanced notice of corporate actions
  • Essential historical data, back more than five years

Data entitlements cover select index families or bundled packages at attractive rates.

NASDAQ OMX is also proud to partner with numerous data vendors who offer the full suite of NASDAQ OMX index weights and components data. To access GIW data via a NASDAQ OMX Elite Index Data Partner, please click on one of the logos below or contact Global Data Products.


GIW data is also available from the following vendors:

  • Axioma
  • Bloomberg
  • SunGard Reference Data
  • MSCI
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Wilshire Associates Inc.

Global Index Data Service

The Global Index Data Service (GIDS) data feed provides real-time index and ETP valuation data. Using standardized message formats, this premier feed includes:

For Indexes:

  • Intraday net asset values (NAV)
  • Settlement values
  • Currency Spot values for select instruments
  • Daily security components data
  • Start-of-Day and End-of-Day Summary data

For ETFs:

  • Intraday portfolio values (IPVs)
  • Daily valuation information
    • NAV per Share
    • Estimated Cash per Share (also known as Net Accrued Dividend per Share)
    • Estimated Cash per Creation Unit
    • Total Cash per Creation Unit
    • Total Shares Outstanding of the Fund
  • ETF Directory message designed to provide the symbols of the ETF valuations

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