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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked questions regarding Nasdaq GIW.

What is the legal name of Nasdaq’s Global Index Administrator?

Nasdaq, Inc. (“Nasdaq”) is the Global Administrator for Nasdaq Indexes.

Where can the firm's audited financial statements be found?

Audited annual reports are available on Nasdaq's website.

What is Nasdaq’s Governance structure and oversight?

The Board of Directors oversees Nasdaq's risk governance, assisted by its Audit Committee. Chaired by the Group CFO and comprising executives representing Nasdaq Business Units and Support Functions, the Global Risk Management Committee assists the Nasdaq, Inc. Board in its risk oversight role, providing comfort that the ERM framework is appropriate and functioning as intended and that the level of risk assumed by Nasdaq is consistent with Nasdaq's strategy and risk appetite. The Audit Committee charter can be found on Nasdaq's website.

How are the Indexes governed by the Administrator?

Nasdaq has established the Index Management Committee and US Oversight Committee to serve as the primary governing bodies who oversee all aspects of the Index design and determination process. As part of their roles and responsibilities, these Committees ensure adherence to policies.

  • The Index Management Committee (IMC) is responsible for ensuring indexes are designed and calculated in accordance with their respective methodology.
  • The US Oversight Committee is responsible for ensuring compliance of the overall index life cycle, its determination process, the control framework design and the index implementation with IOSCO Principles and applicable regulations.

Who do I reach out to for inquiries or to file a complaint?

For Index related inquiries please reach out to our Index Services team.

Nasdaq continuously strives to provide high quality products and services; however, any clients or interested parties who would like to log a formal complaint may do so by completing this web form. All communications received will be delivered to Nasdaq’s Head of Index Compliance who will collaborate with Index Management and will endeavor to provide a response within 45 days of receipt.

Where can I find methodologies for individual indexes?

Detailed methodologies for Nasdaq indexes can be found on the Methodology page.

What information is considered Confidential Information?

Nasdaq defines Confidential Information and safekeeping standards in their Index Conflicts of Interest Policy.

Some examples of Confidential Information may include but not be limited to:

  • Details regarding valuations in the index determination or development process.
  • Data, information or inputs received, submitted or produced by Nasdaq prior to an authorized public release.
  • New or revised benchmark methodologies, benchmark terminations, and changes in benchmark composition or weights, prior to the time of authorized public release.